Retail Update

The retail sector is ever changing as brands of all sizes are adapting to the evolving technology. Analysts expect that the more successful retailers will be those that can optimize a combination of virtual online and physical in-store shopping experiences (“clicks and bricks”). This will lead to online giants, such as Amazon looking for more physical retail spaces and historic retailers, such as Macy’s leaning towards more online presence. This can change the landscape of shopping centers as landlords take a new approach with anchor tenants. Movie theaters and established sporting goods stores may become more of a viable anchor tenant then the historic big box retailer. The ever evolving retail market will push brands to focus more on the shopper’s in-store experience with digital product fulfillment. One great example, IDI currently implements and designs a “click list” shopping option for Kroger’s customers; which allows shoppers to order their groceries online and have it delivered to them in a designated parking spot at their neighborhood Kroger store.

IDI has over 20 years of retail experience and insight into designing a top notch experience for any client. IDI takes pride in being innovative with creating the best aesthetic look and overall experience to help optimize the brand involvement. Whether you are looking to develop one store or an innovative shopping mall, IDI can handle all your design needs.

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