Retail Design Experience

Food Retail/ Wholesale Centers

Since first incorporating over 15 years ago Integrated Designs Intl’ (IDI) has performed work on over 350 supermarkets, food distribution centers, shops, shopping centers, and corporate headquarters for industry tycoons including the Kroger Company and Sysco Foods and a variety developers and tenants. The level of repeat business we receive is directly correlated to our experience and ability to deliver accurate designs that save the client time and money.

Document Accuracy is KEY

Recently the Kroger Company performed an independent survey of their architectural and engineering firms across the country and the impact these firms had on their construction costs. They found IDI to be among the best in the nation, with less than 1% in change orders per project. The national average was found to be closer to 5%. This alone saves the client more than $100,000 during the course of a single $2.5M project.

Shopfitting / Tenant fit-ups

Through the years we have completed 100’s of millions of dollars in construction for some of the worlds most complicated buildings. We apply this knowledge to smaller shopfitting/tenant fit-up projects, the result is a project that is successful in every way. Our definition of success revolves around the ideal that reducing costs, exceeding client expectations, and creating a space that actively sells your product or service is vital. Getting IDI involved early in the process can help you establish realistic expectations (budget, design features, time line, etc.) while helping you steer clear of common tenant mistakes for typically the cost of only a few short hours.

Facade Design, Reconstruction, & Expansions

A large portion of our experience is centered on exterior design of shopping centers, and anchors. We have performed  multiple projects for the Kroger Company where reconstruction exceeded $10M. Kroger also turns to IDI on a regular basis to develop new facade designs, which are then emulated throughout the country as a new standard.

Be it you’re looking to open your first store, or open your next 100 stores, we have the experience necessary to deliver your project on time and within budget.