Kroger Marietta Reconstruction

This project, like many we do for the Kroger Company, involved intensive reconstruction of both the interior and exterior of the facility. The existing exterior design was the ‘Superstore 2’ design with tower (see last photo), a design we rolled out several generations ago. The entire facade would be demolished and rebuilt to the what you see now. The interior was equally as intensive. As customers shop they would notice a complete decor upgrade, 33 seat Bistro, all new equipment, and a new pharmacy. Employees would take note of their newly expanded and overhauled prep rooms, new equipment, and an updated conference room. No area of this sixty-six thousand square foot facility went untouched during this project, and through careful construction phasing no service interruption to customers occurred.

  • Location: Marietta, Georgia
  • Client: Kroger Atlanta Div.
  • Started: 2009
  • Budget:
  • Completed: 2010