CRE Update – #1 Challenge in a Thriving Market

The most commonly mentioned challenge in commercial real estate within the southeast market is the continued effects of the skilled worker shortage. The fundamental issue is the demand of skilled workers exceeding the workforce supply. The increase in demand isn’t difficult to see, and is primarily attributed to the many large scale, headline worthy projects dotting the Atlanta skyline, coupled with countless mid-rise, commercial, and retail projects in every Atlanta submarket. The deficiency in supply of skilled workers stems from numerous factors, with the main culprit being the recession. Many of the workers in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry left after 2008, never to return.

While the sentiment above may seem pessimistic, that is not the case. In every market there are objectives to overcome; in this case being resourceful and doing a little extra due diligence will generate success. IDI works every day with owners and contractors to deliver their projects on time and within budget; that has not, and will not change.

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