What Differentiates IDI from the crowd?

There is nothing we understand more than the risk associated with bringing on a new Architect. The caliber of Architect you select will directly correlate to the success, and ease of your project. If we were to break down Architecture firms into three fundamental categories you may end up with: below average, average, and exceptional. While your average Architect will deliver most projects on time, and within budget for a reasonable fee; and the below average firm may or may not. We feel three items sum up why Integrated Design Intl’ Inc (IDI) fits directly in the third group: exceptional.


With hundreds supermarkets and shopping centers, laboratories  military facilities, hazard materials storage facilities, and industrial facilities completed to date we have the experience your company requires for its next project. Read more on our EXPERIENCE >>


If experience is a measure of knowledge, then long lasting relationships is a measure of knowledge retention. IDI has relationships with Fortune 100 companies including the Kroger Company and Lockheed Martin dating over 20 years. These companies trust IDI with 100’s of millions of dollars.


Knowledge is nothing if you cannot clearly communicate it to the team and client. IDI was found to have less than 1% in construction change orders for renovation projects costing up to $10MM. This is a number that saves our clients tens of thousands of dollars, and proves that our attention to detail is of utmost importance.