CRE Market Update: Office

The office sector of commercial real estate is in a promising growth phase across metro Atlanta. There are several new office projects that are in all phases of construction. There is a unique blend of new developments, renovated older spaces and adaptive re-use projects. Many of the new developments and adaptive re-use projects are being strategically aligned with retail, dining, and lifestyle amenities. One great example is the Atlanta Dairies project. The accessibility and convenience being a point of emphasis for employers whom are constantly seeking an advantage to attract and retain valuable employees in this competitive employment market. This has resulted in creative ways of thinking about the location of new office space, it is no longer simply about exposure but more about providing more live/work/play options for employees.

This new way of thinking will allow for more opportunities for creative office space. Combine this with the importance of being cautious not to flood the market by exceeding demand will provide a solid benchmark. All these factors considered have yielded a strong lending market, allowing developers access to capital and more growth opportunities. The success of this growth phase has yielded the highest rental rates the market has ever seen.

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